The Five Core Principles Guiding C5 llc Services

  • Recovery is Based in Respect
  • Hope is Omnipresent; It is Up to each Individual to Identify It
  • Patient-Centric Care Underlies Everything that We Do
  • Community has the Capacity to Strengthen and Sustain Recovery
  • Treatment is a Path We Provide; The Individual Must be Committed to Walk It

What Are Opioids?

Pharmaceuticals oxycodone, hydrocodone, and fentanyl (most often recognized by brand names such as Vicodin®, Percocet®, OxyContin® and Actiq®) are OTC opioid-based painkillers. Opioid dependence is a growing public health concern.  So if you are not addicted to heroin or opiate-based painkillers, you likely know someone who struggles with the physiological dependence associated with these class of drugs.  here is no reason to feel stigmatized or embarrassed. So please contact Clinic 5 for an evaluation and interview.  In most cases, the earlier you receive professional services to address an addiction, the better the odds of a fast and sustained recovery.

Our 5 Principles

Common Indicators of Opioid  Addiction.                 

(This is a non-exhaustive list. One may not experience these symptoms when Opioid-use is under the care of a Physician.)

  • Increasing dosage amounts to get the same effect
  • Getting less effect at the same dosage
  • Taking higher dosages than you plan
  • Continuing Opioid use despite adverse social, emotional or work-related consequences
  • Craving Opioids
  • Trying and failing to quit
  • Investing time, money, or effort trying to acquire, use and recover from opioids

SUBOXONE® - Addressing the Physiological Aspects of Opioid Dependency. In accordance with the recommendations of the Pharmaceudical manufacturer of SUBOXONE®, Clinic 5 incorporates a multi-stage Suboxone treatment plan for new patients:

I. Starting Your Treatment with Suboxone:

The patient must be in a moderate state of withdrawal before induction is started.
The doctor will explain exactly what that means, and when to stop taking opioids. Being in this state is vital to getting started
It’s important to let your doctor know how the medication is working, so your dose can be adjusted if necessary
Make a follow-up appointment and ask your doctor for instructions on next steps
Your doctor will also recommend counseling and psychosocial support

II. Continuing Your Treatment – "Maintenance":

The goal of this stage is to reach a steady dose of SUBOXONE, so you can continue with your treatment
The maintenance dose of SUBOXONE is generally in the range of 2 mg to 16 mg per day depending on the individual patient and clinical response
Stay in close contact with your doctor and follow instructions to make sure you reach the dose of SUBOXONE that keeps your symptoms under control
Your doctor may want to see you a few times during this period. If you have any withdrawal symptoms or cravings, let your doctor know right away Combining medication with counseling and psychosocial support may be beneficial. It is important to follow the recommendation from your doctor.