Our addiction treatment consists of the following:

  • We offer various flexible scheduling opportunities that include Monday – Friday.
  • Upon admission, patients undergo an extensive assessment, conducted by a physician and chemical dependency counselors, addressing both the psychological and physical aspects of his/her addiction; this includes a urinalysis, blood analysis, and pregnancy test for females.
  • Following the assessment patients may undergo a doctor supervised induction in the clinic to ensure a normal reaction to the medication by the patient.
  • After their first appointment, patients are required to schedule a follow up visit to ensure the dosage of medication is appropriate, for patient’s safety, and if necessary dosage may be adjusted  to alleviate any discomfort that patients may experience. This may be one to two weeks after the initial appointment, based on physician’s discretion.
  • Patients will then be required to schedule follow up appointments every month or as doctors require, to ensure progression within the program.
  • Counseling is required as part of a treatment program. Counseling is offered individually, in group sessions, and in family sessions.
  • After several months, as per physician’s recommendation, patients will be gradually tapered off of Suboxone, Zubsolv, other medication by lowering daily dose until patients no longer require Suboxone, Zubsolv, other medication. As always counseling is strongly recommended for signs of relapse.


Our Opiate Clinic Program Description Using Suboxone and Counseling    



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